New vents

Well, today I handed over my cash and took official ownership of my Vivacity 20. Along with the keys came a big bag of nuts, bolts and goodness know what else plus another big box of gubbins, which is a bit worrying. The owner before last had spent £14.67 posting them down to the previous one where they had sat unopened until now. I am hoping that they are just spares and if anyone can identify them, please let me know!

I had thought the first project was going to be getting the engine going, but this morning my new air vents arrived so I was keen to get them fitted and make my mark.

The existing ones were cheap plastic mushroom vents that had been broken and were letting in the rain. When I had first viewed her I covered them with plastic bags, but these don’t exactly provide the look I am aiming for.

In the first rush of excitement in owning my own boat I decided to splash out and invest in some solar powered vents. I found mixed reviews about these online, but I am unlikely to ever go fast enough to get a strong natural draft through and ‘her on shore’ will be fussy about sleeping onboard if its too mildewy.

Anyway, I decided to go for the Smart Solar 300s which I was able to find at a good price and will update if there are problems down the line.

Fitting was surprisingly easy. The old moldings came out smoothly once unscrewed and then having routed out the hard sealant the new ones slipped in like a glove. It was then that I noticed that they were not supplied with screws, which is a bit of an annoyance. They are also a tad too large in my opinion, but overall I was pleased with the effect and the fans started working immediately.

Next project the engine!!

Smart Solar 300 vents in place.


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