Calculating costs for river boating on the Thames.

This year I am planning to just use the boat for a few overnight trips up the river with the kids. In fact, she may never see salt water again whilst I own her, perhaps not even a tide!

Now having bought her on eBay I am starting to add up the costs of ownership.

Thames River Licence (length x beam x £15.35 psqm): £203.47 (Jan 1st – Dec 31st)

River Safety Certificate: £100 (lasts four years)

Insurance: £106

Mooring on Thames (£1.30 per foot + VAT, per week): £1,622.40 per annum

Total: £2031.87 and rising!

Getting the inboard Stuart Turner engine running again: Awaiting quote.

I have a feeling I will be adding more to this list pretty soon!!

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